2:25 PM

Day 5

Day 5 was super-duper, extra, mega, skill-building day! Look at all these points these crazy lil' sims got!

In addition, Abby and Janie both got buff. You go, girls! Soon you'll be able to kick those boys' behinds with no trouble at all. Notice Jamie and Elektra fighting in the background of Janie's picture. If only Jamie could take a hint from Janie's sweet nature...

Day 5 was Friends and Enemies Day. Jared and Jack bonded, but Julie decided that she needed to pick fights with Elektra. I'm starting to sense an M.O. with Julie: she pokes people menacingly until they finally lose it and tackle her. Either she's a masochist or she's simply the world's most unpleasant girl. Hard to tell.

On the friends side of Friends and Enemies, Jin and Jack bonded.

Apparently, Jack felt the need to celebrate this new friendship. Go Ja-ack! Go Ja-ack! It's your birthday! It's your birthday!

And last but certainly not least, a faint romance might be budding between Abby and Jared. Is there a future between the girl who strives for knowledge and the boy who strives for, well, clean counters? We'll see...