12:42 PM

Day 13

Day 13 started with Abby making a new friend, which of course means that he invited himself on in afterwards. His name is Cooper Olshfski. He is going for a medal in the Last Name with the Fewest Vowels contest.

Abby quickly lost interest and decided to work on increasing her creativity, drawing a crowd of admirers. Julie gains a body skill point in the background while Jared stood menacingly in front of the ElectroDance Sphere. Again.

It was definitely time for a career change, I thought, so Abby looked through the paper and settled on the Science career track, set on starting her new career as a test subject the next day. She needed a cleaning skill point to be eligible for promotion, though, so she went ahead and did that.

Elektra took over saloon piano duty, gaining herself a creativity point, while Julie apparently gets her reputation boosted by the face-kissing old lady. Sarah, I think her name was?

Abby and Jared hadn't seen any action for a while, so Abby thought she'd give him a little peck. Or, you know, make out with him in the living room, causing lips to spin around over his head.

At first I thought she just wasn't that into him, but then, finally, lips over her head too. Notice Jared went right back to waiting to beat up Julie. I think they'd make a great couple. She's never rolled an aspiration to kiss him or spend time with him, so I think they're both pretty single-minded about doing what they want.

And at least Jared knows that he doesn't have any competition...

Cooper congratulates Abby on what an amazing kiss she planted on Jared, and she pretends to listen, but really, she's continuing to study anger management.

Abby spun the want to study anger management, so I let her. I think she should pass all that helpful knowledge on to Jared and Julie.

I know you can't see it very well, but I love that the anger management book has a little ragey face on it.

The other sims went about their "normal" behavior. Janie cleaned up a bit, and Romeo worked on tickling the ivories some more. I swear, his playing is getting really good. He must have a ton of creative points by now.

Jack wanted to journal about how much he loves garden gnomes...

And how much he doesn't love Cooper watching him try to journal about garden gnomes...

Cooper finally left, in a self-indignant huff that was entirely unwarranted given no one invited him to stay in the first place.

Day 14 will bring Abby's first day on the new job. Hopefully it will bring promotion and um...not food poisoning:

Stupid sims.