1:41 PM

Day 17

I think that Day 17 will be more fun to blog about than it was to play, just because there's tons of hilarious stuff for me to comment on, thinking I'm funny. Before you ask, yes, I am one of those people who laughs at her own jokes. But I digress.

First thing in the morning, Jack and Elektra engaged in simultaneous lampshade dancing. It's a bit of a mystery where they came up with not only one but TWO lampshades given there isn't a single lamp in the house.

Their hooting and hollering woke up Abby, but it was just as well because it gave her time to run outside and meet some new friends: Jason Menon and Jill Fleig.

Personally, I think Jill is an unfortunate looking girl. Apparently, Jason agrees.

But he does think she can play a mean piano! He danced...

and danced...

and danced.

Romeo thought he was being clever getting in some logic skilling during the day, but as it turns out...

...that wasn't so clever after all. Vidcund Curious was over at the house in a flash, barging in and threatening Romeo that if he peeked in on their top secret science experiments again, he'd break Romeo's face.

Abby had to leave for work, and Jason waved her off. Notice her promotion comes with a spiff new outfit.

Not much happened while she was away, except that Jin clogged the toilet. He knows he's being sneaky and leaving it when he should unclog it. Look at those shifty eyes.

And then, THE SHOWER BROKE AGAIN. I swear, if this thing was a car, it would be eligible for the Lemon Law.

Jin did manage to get another cooking skill point though, which I'm pretty happy about because he seems to be the one who does most of the meals around the place.

Janie got one too!

And finally Abby got home from work. No promotion, but she did bring Laszlo Curious with her. He obviously didn't hear about Romeo's misdeeds.

They played kicky bag on the lawn for a while.

It became apparent why Abby brought him home.

They finally meandered inside, and while Abby worked on fixing the shoddy plumbing in the joint, Laszlo was entertained by Jamie picking a fight with Jason. Man. Anger management, Jamie, anger management.

Just look at the malice on her face! She looks like she's going to eat him.

She landed a solid bitchslap, and it was all over from there on out.

Janie rooted for the home team while Laszlo rooted for the visitors.

Home field advantage, punk.

And finally, nothing important was really going on here, I just thought it was a sweet evening dinner with the three girls.

I was right, that WAS fun. :)