3:28 PM

Day 10

Day 10 was one of the quieter days in the Marble Replacement Center, mostly because it was Abby's first day of work. She headed off bright and early, and I got to watch the rest of the household do their sim-thing for a few hours.

It occurs to me that Janie is the most low-maintenance sim ever to exist on the planet, going platinum all the time. Not only that, she's completely adorable. I think I'll definitely save her and play her elsewhere when this challenge is over.

Jared skilled a bit, cleaning as per usual and gaining a cooking point by making cereal. Who knew that pouring milk on dried bits of processed corn could teach you something. Maybe he was learning the precise ratio of milk to cereal.

Romeo worked on building his musical skills at the piano. I figure since he's a romance sim, he wants to learn how best to woo the ladies (and/or gents?) when and if he escapes the asylum. Music's a good way to do it. I mean, Jin's already compelled to tip him:

No complaints when new money is magically added to the household funds, either! Apparently, Jin was inspired to work on skilling himself, only with the telescope instead.

Romeo skilled himself silly, gaining a cooking skill point and two creativity points.

Elektra proved that being crazy doesn't mean you can't still learn!

When Abby got home, she realized the dishwasher had been broken all day and set about fixing it. I thought it was Jared's way of showing his affection for her by joining her in the kitchen and cleaning while she tinkered with the dishwasher. That or he wanted to check her out in her knickers.

She was really appreciative of his support...

And gave him a goodnight kiss before heading to bed after a long day.

While Jared swooned over his encounter, Jack wondered sadly if Jared would become Abby's new BFF. Only time will tell, Jack, only time will tell.

Day 11 will tell...