8:51 AM

Day 21

On Day 21, it came to my attention that, duh, friends made inside the same house don't count for your job requirements! While that means I am an incredible moron, which is disheartening, it also means that her career path isn't bugged, which is an enormous relief. So yay for my dumb mistake! Unfortunately, I didn't learn this in time to get Abby an 'outsider' friend before she had to go to work, but that's okay. Tomorrow is another day.

Remember how on Day 20, Abby clogged the toilet and left it that way so that the housemates would gain cleaning points? Voila, her success! Clean, my pretties, clean!!! *cackle*

Of course, all of these bathroom trips were as a result of the TWO breakfasts they all ate that morning. Oops, sorry guys. I didn't mean to starve you by not noticing the refrigerator was empty.

Even two breakfasts didn't stop Jack from snacking throughout the day. I actually saw him drinking from a carton of milk, but my fingers weren't fast enough to catch a screen shot of it. Gross, Jack!

Elektra lost it again, which isn't surprising, given the number of times the lampshade came out on Day 20. I think if aging weren't turned off, she'd be dead already from constant negative aspiration.

Jared fared better, waxing poetic about the new painting in the kitchen.

Ever do something, and you only realize a second too late that you're going to pay dearly for that incredibly stupid thing? I think this is that late second for Janie.

She was not disappointed. Vidcund quite literally flew in the door. Seriously. His feet weren't touching the ground. See? He's a superhero!

Vidcund: "Do that again, and I'll break your face, just like I will that Romeo guy's!"

Janie: "Hey, you jerk, you want a piece of me!? BRING IT."

Vidcund did not want a piece of her. Janie stewed over him the rest of the day.

Yay, Abby's home! Boo, without a promotion (because I have teh dumb).

Abby rolled a lot of Jared-related wants for the first time ever when she got home from work, but since he was otherwise occupied when she got home, she went ahead and unclogged the toilet.

When he was done getting his arse kicked, she greeted him hello. Aww.

And they had a nice dance before bed.

Day 22, Abby will not get promoted, BUT. She will prepare herself for the awesomeness of promotion by inviting over Laszlo Curious and buttering him up so she can use him to get a promotion.