2:06 PM

Day 14

Holy carp, my sims earned a lot of skill points this round. Let's start off with just a big batch of those to get them out of the way, hm?

Whew, that was exhausting. Now, onto the daily grind.

Julie was incredibly smelly. At the risk of sounding juvenile, this photo made me LOL.

To her credit, Julie tried to get in the tub, but Jared insisted on picking a fight with her first. Notice how her stench even discolors the air in the cloud of brawl dust. That has to be one stinky place to be, Jared. You should have let her shower first.

Hey, why are you thinking about Jared WITHOUT FLAMES while in the bathtub!? JULIE! *gasp*

While those kids were screwing around, Abby got a chance card! Yay!

And then slipped on a banana peel. Boo!

She immediately ran to Jared for comfort when she got home.

Way to catch her this time, butthead! Since she's the only one apparently capable of fixing things around the house, she had to set to work unclogging the toilet AND repairing the tub. Jared was very sweet and stayed with her, mopping up neurotically as she worked.

They then had a pillow fight and cuddled under the stars, which somehow I forgot to document. Damn. Sometimes it's so easy to get caught up in playing! I did manage to get Janie cheering for Romeo's sweet piano playing skillz, though. She is so cute.

And last but not least, Jin was the MVP for the day, bringing in five hundred simoleans that Abby didn't have to be poked or prodded for. Also, I'm going to end with this picture because I just think it looks really darn cool.

Up next...three guesses...