4:29 PM

Day 30

This update is for you, Liz! You're the queen.

The first thing I did on Day 30 was to eliminate all the design elements that were now frivolous in order to gain some more cash. In other words, screw all you dead people...you don't need wallpaper, doors, carpet, lights and windows as much as we need money! This is the redesign:

Jack and Jared spent the great majority of the day hanging out on the lawn. It was pretty weather for talk of incarceration.

Jared did find some time to gain another body skill point and some more enthusiasm, though. I wonder how many points he has left...it seems like he already has a hundred body points.

Abby continued to suck at maintaining friends.

And she also apparently sucks at chance cards! I'm unused to chance cards and so don't know the best choices.


At least she still brought home some dough. That roofing job really cleared out the ole finances.

She immediately set to work regaining her lost skill points, taking advantage of the quick fall learning.

She studied while Elektra went crazy. Again. I call this portrait "Good vs. Evil."

And it couldn't hurt to get another logic point and some science enthusiasm.

Abby rolled the want to take a day off of work, and since the debacle with the office accident, I decided to let her call in.

Her boss is a total sucker, mwahaha...

Who should show up just before I sent Abby to bed but Jin. AGAIN! He decided killing Jamie wasn't enough, he needed to see who else he could scare the wits out of. Jerk.

I sent her to bed, and the rest of the household alternately got scared and did strange things. Janie and Elektra seem to think Rock, Paper, Scissors is the height of gaming entertainment.

Jared apparently dreamed about exercise and gained enthusiasm points that way?

Jin scared Jack next. Jack> Eek and such!

I thought Jack wet himself because of the ghost sighting when I tried to figure out why I took this picture, and then I noticed he was in his pajamas. He actually just wet himself for no reason! Fun!

Elektra wet herself when Jin scared her too...

...and since the tub was already in use, she took a sponge bath in the kitchen sink. *GAG* I have never seen this behavior before! It was rather shocking as there were people in the living room and kitchen common area at the time!

Jin mostly seemed angry that I deleted his favorite bed. Sorry, Charlie.

Janie actually escaped haunting because she was busy mopping the bathroom floor.

Just goes to show you, kids, housework can save you from more unpleasant tasks. Remember that the next time you're scrubbing the toilet. Stay tuned for Day 31.