4:12 AM

Day 11

Ah, sweet relief. Abby had the day off today after all that grueling work she's been doing for the past...uh...day. One day on, one day off isn't a bad deal, and she decided to start her morning off with a little tinkering. Apparently, this piano needing tuning.

Of course, once it was tuned, we worked on skilling up the creativity, earning her fifth (I believe) creativity point and helping out her aspiration. WooHoo!

Meanwhile, Janie slept, and because I think she's the cutest thing ever, of course I think her dreams are the cutest thing ever. She dreams of herself and Pollination Tech#9, which in anyone else would be strange but in her is endearing.

Julie skilled up today, as is typical for her. I don't remember what her sign is, but her active points must be through the roof.

New BFFs! I swear, this group would be so fun to put out in a community somewhere when they're done. I can't believe how many points and relationships they're developing without any guidance at all.

Of course, it isn't all sunshine and flowers. What would a day in the asylum be without some tears. You would think Jack would be crying because of the shockingly large cloud of stench that surrounds him, but no, he's crying because his aspiration is so low (is that a pleasure aspiration icon?). Maybe if you were cleaner, buddy, it wouldn't seem so bad...

Jared and Janie have a laugh at Julie's expense, which kind of amuses me. I'm a bad simmommy, I know. :[

Julie must have overheard because she wasted no time asking Jared if he wanted to take it outside. Literally.

As you can see, no one even runs to watch anymore, it's so routine. They just keep on doing whatever they were doing, from looking at stars to...burning dinner? Abby invites Jared up to cheer him up and is clearly taken with how sensitive he is, willing to cry in front of her.

They decide to snuggle under the stars. Jared copped a feel.

It was getting late, so I had to send Abby to bed, but when she went downstairs, she rolled some very interesting wants:

Hrm. Maybe if you're good and get out of the asylum, young lady.

After Abby went to bed, it occurred to me why she likes Jared so much.

:) And tomorrow is another day...