1:19 PM

Day 28

Day 28 was notable because it was the first day I played after I installed all the expansion packs! So you'll have to bear with me as some of these screen caps are just me going OH COOL, NEW FEATURE!!

A member of the Garden Club stopped by, which is kinda funny since there's no garden here.

This very petulant looking gent popped by with a computer that Abby snatched up the moment she got home from work and put in her inventory for safekeeping.

Not sure what this very cryptic message means:

Abby got a phone call from this woman, whose name I forgot, but she apparently is helping Janie get a good reputation in this town.

Unlike Abby, who is shite at keeping friends. Darn knowledge sims. Always have their heads stuck in a book.

Jared worked out all day long and gained tons of enthusiasm for fitness, which is cool I guess, though I'm not sure what it means for him to gain enthusiasm points. Other than being able to get cool protein shakes from the fridge.

Janie thinks eating is a cool "cuisine activity." I enjoy that one too, Janie.

Yay, money.

The old Abbster needed a cleaning skill point to get a promotion, so she worked on that.

After all that hard work today, she had to sleep in a different bed. I can tell she's unhappy about this. Sorry, Abby. You're lucky there's a bed available.