1:52 PM

Day 23

Day 23 started off very pleasantly:

And that was the last nice thing that happened. I'll let the photos speak for themselves. Note the time on the first picture.

Welcome home, Abby! And uh...that promotion money? It's been kinda earmarked already...

She seems put out.

Note the time in this picture. That's how long the fire burned.

I couldn't get Abby to call the fire department because she was too busy freaking out, so I just had her extinguish it herself and crossed my fingers that she wouldn't burn to death. I admit, though, that I probably would have quit without saving if Abby had died and started the day over. I fear that if I had ordered her to extinguish sooner, maybe we wouldn't have lost Jin. :(

Once she put the fire out, she plead for Jin's life.

He made her choose which hand the bead was in.

She chose wrong. :(

This picture is just bizarre.

R.I.P. Romeo. :'( I lay you to rest in your favorite color-matching bedroom.

R.I.P. Jin. I lay you to rest in the bedroom that best matches your spiffy green undies.

When it rains, it pours. The trash compactor broke...

...and the toilet clogged.

Abby started to sweep up the charred mess of the kitchen since everyone else was trying to use the toilet and get a shower.

Jared helped.

His helpfulness and loyalty as a boyfriend reinforced Abby's fondness of him.

No rest for the weary, Abby, but at least you got a skill point...

I finally sent Abby to bed since she has to work in the morning, and then I set to work replacing the kitchen items that got burnt and deleting the appropriate beds and seating now that I'm two players short. Technically I only had to delete two seats, but the seats in the living room are really high comfort levels, and I decided I'd rather get rid of a sleepable piece of furniture with three seats than two of the three most comfortable pieces of furniture in the house. I guess if anyone else dies, I won't have to delete another seat. :p

The MRC residents will take a while to bounce back from this. Janie woke up with a nightmare.

And Jamie passed out on the floor before she could drink her espresso.

And Jack figured that since she wasn't using it, he might as well partake.

Sigh. And they were doing so well! Jared had plenty of cooking skill points, and it's not like he got distracted while cooking, so I don't know what happened. I mean, as far as sims burning alive goes, Romeo and Jin were the best two to go, though they had both racked up some major skill points, so that sucks to lose all those points. Not to mention the points I'll lose for them dying. I can't believe no one tried to put out the fire! Oh well. Live and learn in the simverse, I suppose. RIP, speedo twins. You'll be missed.