3:50 PM

Day 20

Day 20 was still kinda boring, but at least I got Abby prepared to go into work on Day 21 to (hopefully) get a promotion.

This chick just looks cool, and I eventually want Abby to meet her.

The MRC sims spent most of the morning congratulating one another on being friends with one another. I'm talking a LOT of the morning and a LOT of congratulating.

Romeo congratulates Jared.

Jared congratulates Elektra.

Jared congratulates Romeo.

Jin congratulates Jared.

No one congratulated Jin. He must not have any friends.

Jack and Elektra spent most of the morning dancing with lampshades on their heads, which I have come to understand is actually a cry of desperation and a Very Bad Sign. It means they're just about at the end of their ropes.

Elektra got a phone call from this guy whose name I can't remember, and I let her take it, hoping it would raise her spirits.

They talked about films she's unable to see since she's locked in an asylum, but it didn't seem to bother her.

Jack didn't fare so well. Thank goodness the invisible shrink doesn't bill.

Jamie continues to monopolize the ElectroDance Sphere, much to the annoyance of the rest of the household, especially since she's already gotten all her body points, and they still have some guns to sculpt.

Abby slept late, dreaming of this nose-poker woman, whose name it turns out is Vamsi Tomyoy.

The first thing she had to do when she woke up, though, was to order food because everyone was holding their stomachs and pointing at their mouths, which we took to mean they were hungry. Grocery bill = OUCH.

Thanks, nice delivery lady! Thank god you don't require a tip!

Abby indulged in a little gossip with Jamie, even though the girl regularly kicks Abby's BF's arse. That anger management book is really helping!

After a little breakfast, Abby checked out Jin. Again. Sigh.

Finally, she got down to business, polishing off the second cleaning skill she needs for a promotion tomorrow. *crosses fingers* She doesn't look too happy about her accomplishment, though.

Jack gave Jared a lecture on the birds and the bees to prepare him for when he and Abby finally get a double bed. This is the bird part.

Here is Jin mopping the floor because the toilet is clogged again. Want to hear a secret? Abby clogged it this time and left it that way so the rest of the housemates can have some incentive to get cleaning skill points.

Finally, it was bedtime, and there was apparently an underpants party in Jared's room to which he wasn't invited. ETA: FJDSLFDS HAHA, this made me think of Anchorman. Brick> "Would you like to come to the pants party?" Veronica> "Are you trying to tell me that there's a party in your pants, and I'm invited?" Brick> "Yes, that's it!" (I <3 Steve Carell!)

Hope he doesn't talk in his sleep.

Abby goes back to work on Day 21, so here's hoping that she FINALLY gets a promotion, a.k.a. more money. I'm tired of seeing my fortune sims shiver and worry themselves silly.


Anonymous said...

This is getting better and better, but I think you are confusing yourself, our maybe just play tricks on your readers -
Sometimes you call your Max Body girl Julie and sometimes Jamie and then there's Janie, too...

SK said...

Haha you're totally right. Julie is the max body skill girl and Janie is the spiky haired girl. Maybe Jamie is just me going crazy with all the darn J names. :p