7:53 AM

Day 12

Warning: Day 12 is the day of randomness. Expect bizarre happenings.

Bright and early on Day 12, just after Abby left for work, this dude showed up on their front stoop. I notice several things. (1)He is an elder (2)who appears to be stuck in the 80's (3)and is wearing a crop top. I locked the door and did not allow my sims to greet him. It just seemed better that way.

While at work, Abby's wants spun, and she got one I've never seen before - study physiology. Maybe she wants to be a scientist. Wouldn't be out of the ordinary for an knowledge sim.

First thing, Julie is always on the ElectroDance Sphere, and this morning, Jared decided he would stand menacingly in front of it while she spun, waiting until he could give her her good morning slap.

She was apparently not sufficiently intimidated, so he began cracking his knuckles to let her know he meant business!

Oh wait, maybe he just wanted to steal the ElectroDance Sphere from her to get more muscles for Abby to swoon over!

No, I suppose he was just killing time until he and Julie could have their morning smackdown.

Julie scores a direct hit right in the mouth:

Everyone else was playing nice in the kitchen, listening to Jack talk about how much he hates those enormous gaming system controllers.

Janie lost no time in getting right back on the ElectroDance Sphere after Jared kicked her a$$, winning herself another body point for the rematch.

Everyone...or at least I was happy when Abby finally got home from work.

...with a promotion!

Long hours, poor pay? Ugh. I'm thinking maybe this isn't the best career path for Abby. Tomorrow, she has the day off, so I think we'll hunt for something that's more in her interest area. Her aspiration was looking kind of low, so we worked on some easy wants.


Abby walks past Jared and Julie brawling in the kitchen, lost in the haze of happiness created by eating spaghetti.

It's important to grab the bathtub whenever it's free, so Abby snuck in front of Janie. Janie accidentally got a peek of Abby's pixels.

All clean and fed, and Abby gained another creativity skill point, just as she wanted.

And finally, a quick peek through the telescope to stargaze and raise her aspiration to platinum before bedtime.

She dreams of a complete stranger. Who is this person!?

Jin, Jared, and Elektra were too slow to grab beds before they were all filled up, so they have the night shift tonight. Jared brags about how many BFFs he has, making Jin cry.

Jin must be a masochist because they become best friends right away, while Jin is still sobbing.

Exhausted from all his emotional upset, Jin falls asleep in his chair while Elektra grows a beard.

Later, he wakes only to get on the ElectroDance Sphere, which seems counter-intuitive for someone whose energy level is so low, but oh well. He still managed to nab a body skill point.

Jack wakes and entertains Elektra with his juggling skills. I'm not quite sure why everyone thinks juggling these cups is so fun, but I'm glad they can find amusement in the little things.

Abby wakes up and realizes the only food they have left is instant meals, so she orders in some groceries while Janie gives them some classical muzak to wake up by.

The rest of this day will be dedicated to finding Abby a new job, I think, if I can find the right one for her. Also, of course, to gaining more skill points, but these crazy kids wore me out on Day 12! Looking forward to seeing what they get up to on Day 13.