1:54 PM

Day 29

Elektra didn't have such a great time on Day 29, but then she never seems to, does she? A familiar sight:

Fortunately, invisible shrink was quick to straighten her out:

And she decided some milk was the ticket to feeling better. Straight out of the carton. Were you born in a barn, Elektra!? Get a glass!

This guy showed up uninvited, and walked right into the house! I don't understand why this happens! I'd lock the front door but then I feel like it would be a pain to unlock whenever someone gets invited over that isn't from the household.

He proceeded to get unreasonably angry that someone was using the ElectroDance Sphere in his own house, prohibiting him from borrowing it.

It came to light later that this guy is actually from the Platinum Gym come to give Jared a membership card, so I supposed the Breaking and Entering was okay.

Of course, it's not surprising, as he spent practically all day on the thing earning body points:

Not to be outdone, Elektra cleaned the toilet.

Abby's so crap at maintaining relationships, or I guess I am. Not unlike real life!

I wish this picture had come out better because if it had, it would make the photo even more hilarious. What is missing from this shot is the rain that is falling inside the house. You see, having never had to deal with seasons before, I neglected to PUT A ROOF ON THE HOUSE. Yes. Oh so clever move on my part. Thank god I had enough money to put a roof on before winter comes and they all turn into simsicles.

Finally, Abby got home, and she was promoted to scholar. Yay, Abby!

I just had to screen cap the wants that Abby rolled because "Take A Hike" amused me.

She's still gunning for maximum promotions, so we immediately started skilling up the logic points.

And what should happen while she was using the telescope but Jamie haunting the place. Oh joy.

She was sad for about two seconds...

Then reverted to annoyed:

Then pissed. Pissy in life, pissy in death, I suppose.

Jack> "Um, excuse me, Ghostly Jamie, but did you know you're being shocked in the arse?"

Elektra> HOLYSHITGHOST!!!!!!

Janie> AHHHHH! ...I think I wet myself. :(


The evening concluded with lots of sims getting angry that they couldn't use the bathtub first. On to Day 30!

1:19 PM

Day 28

Day 28 was notable because it was the first day I played after I installed all the expansion packs! So you'll have to bear with me as some of these screen caps are just me going OH COOL, NEW FEATURE!!

A member of the Garden Club stopped by, which is kinda funny since there's no garden here.

This very petulant looking gent popped by with a computer that Abby snatched up the moment she got home from work and put in her inventory for safekeeping.

Not sure what this very cryptic message means:

Abby got a phone call from this woman, whose name I forgot, but she apparently is helping Janie get a good reputation in this town.

Unlike Abby, who is shite at keeping friends. Darn knowledge sims. Always have their heads stuck in a book.

Jared worked out all day long and gained tons of enthusiasm for fitness, which is cool I guess, though I'm not sure what it means for him to gain enthusiasm points. Other than being able to get cool protein shakes from the fridge.

Janie thinks eating is a cool "cuisine activity." I enjoy that one too, Janie.

Yay, money.

The old Abbster needed a cleaning skill point to get a promotion, so she worked on that.

After all that hard work today, she had to sleep in a different bed. I can tell she's unhappy about this. Sorry, Abby. You're lucky there's a bed available.

12:31 PM

Days 26 and 27

I decided to mash Days 26 and 27 together because 26 was so incredibly boring, I only had five or six photos from it, which was kind of a waste of time as far as an update goes. So let's see how those crazy kids are doing, hm?

When this popup appeared, my immediate thought was, "Why yes, as a matter of fact, it just MIGHT kill her, given this house's track record."

Jack and Elektra gunned for a good haunting.

And then Elektra worked out on the ElectroDance Sphere a lot, despite the fact that every time she falls off, she gets negative 500 aspiration points. Seems a very silly activity to indulge in if you fall into severe depression every time you fall off of it.

Jared gained a point too! Now that Jamie isn't around hogging the thing, the rest of the housemates are getting a chance.

An image that strikes fear into the heart of many:

While Abby was at work, we got a delinquent notice. Eek! Since the awfulness of the repoman last time, we now pay our bills straightaway if we get one of these.

They'll have plenty of money to pay those bills because Sugar Mama Abby got a raise. And brought home a friend to butter up so she can work on her next promotion, yay!

ABBY! What am I going to do with you? He is not buff, nor does he have a single piercing. Plus, he's a geek!

She also snagged Jenny Smith from the street while she and Pascal were standing out there trying to talk. I figured the more people we could get in the house, the better chance Abby would have of being able to buff up her family friends list. They don't get along very well though. :( But yay Jack for getting a logic skill point, even if it's during the day and thereby threatening your safety at the hands of Vidcund Curious.

I have no idea who this guy is!!! He just walked into the house! And now he calls all the time for the residents, so I suppose we must have invited him in at some point, or maybe the residents just started talking to him since he made himself at home. Who knows. But anyway, here he is.

She shmoozed Pascal Curious for a good while, just until he was in the family friend range, then she asked him to go. But Abby, I didn't mean to tell him goodbye by sticking your tongue down his throat! Jared is RIGHT THERE.

Luckily, Jared was too busy concentrating on spinning to see, and later that night, Abby rolled a bunch of Jared-related wants, which I used to get her aspiration up to platinum. Woohoo!

They are so adorable. Stay tuned for more hauntings and other various and sundry things.

2:33 PM

Day 25

Day 25, and guess what? We have success! No one died on Day 25. (It's kind of pathetic when no one dying is a major accomplishment, but I'll take what I can get.) There were also no hauntings. It was an amazingly peaceful day wherein my sims tried to feel better.

The girls had a good cry to get all that excess emotion out.

Abby slept as late as possible, and if you'll notice, I finally gave up on reserving a bed for her. I had to delete another bed since Jamie died, and therefore, I deleted the bed in the blue room and moved the door over to Abby's room so she can share her bed with the others. I hope this doesn't bite me in the ass later.

This popped up the moment Abby woke up. Abby> "Why yes, actually, given our track record, it just MIGHT kill me."

Finally, I shipped her off to work, and then a few hours later, this girl appeared on the sidewalk! I'd swear it was Abby only this girl has more junk in the trunk. Eerie coincidence though. I guess it's true everyone has a twin somewhere.

Jared spent part of his morning trying to earn a haunting.

The kids did get back to normal a little bit, though, gaining themselves a few skill points.

The entire time Jack was cooking, I was begging him not to light the house on fire. When Abby got home (to a happily fire-free house), she set to work being fix-it girl again.

And then she finished getting her next cleaning skill point. This is all she should need for her next promotion. She seems shocked at something she's reading... What? Peroxide and dish soap will take red wine stains out of a carpet!?

Abby and Janie had some quality time before bed, which I think was good for Janie as it's hell on a popularity sim when half of her friends die.

She's still doin' a little rough...

Tune in tomorrow, when the MRC hopes to make it a record two days without death.