2:33 PM

Day 25

Day 25, and guess what? We have success! No one died on Day 25. (It's kind of pathetic when no one dying is a major accomplishment, but I'll take what I can get.) There were also no hauntings. It was an amazingly peaceful day wherein my sims tried to feel better.

The girls had a good cry to get all that excess emotion out.

Abby slept as late as possible, and if you'll notice, I finally gave up on reserving a bed for her. I had to delete another bed since Jamie died, and therefore, I deleted the bed in the blue room and moved the door over to Abby's room so she can share her bed with the others. I hope this doesn't bite me in the ass later.

This popped up the moment Abby woke up. Abby> "Why yes, actually, given our track record, it just MIGHT kill me."

Finally, I shipped her off to work, and then a few hours later, this girl appeared on the sidewalk! I'd swear it was Abby only this girl has more junk in the trunk. Eerie coincidence though. I guess it's true everyone has a twin somewhere.

Jared spent part of his morning trying to earn a haunting.

The kids did get back to normal a little bit, though, gaining themselves a few skill points.

The entire time Jack was cooking, I was begging him not to light the house on fire. When Abby got home (to a happily fire-free house), she set to work being fix-it girl again.

And then she finished getting her next cleaning skill point. This is all she should need for her next promotion. She seems shocked at something she's reading... What? Peroxide and dish soap will take red wine stains out of a carpet!?

Abby and Janie had some quality time before bed, which I think was good for Janie as it's hell on a popularity sim when half of her friends die.

She's still doin' a little rough...

Tune in tomorrow, when the MRC hopes to make it a record two days without death.