1:54 PM

Day 29

Elektra didn't have such a great time on Day 29, but then she never seems to, does she? A familiar sight:

Fortunately, invisible shrink was quick to straighten her out:

And she decided some milk was the ticket to feeling better. Straight out of the carton. Were you born in a barn, Elektra!? Get a glass!

This guy showed up uninvited, and walked right into the house! I don't understand why this happens! I'd lock the front door but then I feel like it would be a pain to unlock whenever someone gets invited over that isn't from the household.

He proceeded to get unreasonably angry that someone was using the ElectroDance Sphere in his own house, prohibiting him from borrowing it.

It came to light later that this guy is actually from the Platinum Gym come to give Jared a membership card, so I supposed the Breaking and Entering was okay.

Of course, it's not surprising, as he spent practically all day on the thing earning body points:

Not to be outdone, Elektra cleaned the toilet.

Abby's so crap at maintaining relationships, or I guess I am. Not unlike real life!

I wish this picture had come out better because if it had, it would make the photo even more hilarious. What is missing from this shot is the rain that is falling inside the house. You see, having never had to deal with seasons before, I neglected to PUT A ROOF ON THE HOUSE. Yes. Oh so clever move on my part. Thank god I had enough money to put a roof on before winter comes and they all turn into simsicles.

Finally, Abby got home, and she was promoted to scholar. Yay, Abby!

I just had to screen cap the wants that Abby rolled because "Take A Hike" amused me.

She's still gunning for maximum promotions, so we immediately started skilling up the logic points.

And what should happen while she was using the telescope but Jamie haunting the place. Oh joy.

She was sad for about two seconds...

Then reverted to annoyed:

Then pissed. Pissy in life, pissy in death, I suppose.

Jack> "Um, excuse me, Ghostly Jamie, but did you know you're being shocked in the arse?"

Elektra> HOLYSHITGHOST!!!!!!

Janie> AHHHHH! ...I think I wet myself. :(


The evening concluded with lots of sims getting angry that they couldn't use the bathtub first. On to Day 30!