12:05 PM

Day 22

Day 22 started off kinda sad, as Jamie cried for the first time about her aspiration. I don't think it's sad when other sims cry over their aspiration, so I think I feel sympathy because she's a family sim, and every sim deserves a family if she wants one!

She took out her frustrations on Jared. You know, since he was there and all.

Jared's day didn't improve much after having his arse handed to him by a girl with flowers painted on her face. He actually screamed when he caught sight of Jack's unmentionables.

And now for something completely unrelated. When Abby is at work and the MRC sims are busy doing their normal thing (fighting, dancing with lampshades on their heads, congratulating one another on how many friends they have), I entertain myself by watching the people going by on the sidewalk. They are highly amusing. Example number one: Johnny Smith. He doesn't look quite as normal as his name would imply.

I also discovered that apparently everyone runs like a superhero, not just Vidcund Curious. I don't know who this is or where he was going, but something must have been on fire because he was booking.

But anyway, back to our regularly scheduled program. Skills were gained:

Abby came home with a friend from work, saving me the trouble of having to call Laszlo Curious to invite him over. I'm sure Jared was also relieved, as Abby and Laszlo have a bolt of attraction. I feel it interesting to note that both Abby and Trista Shaw (her work friend) got out of the front seat. I hope it's a bench seat as opposed to someone sitting on someone else's lap.

I'll throw in this picture because when I paused the screen to get an image of Janie's skill point, I noticed Abby's expression. She was telling a joke to Trista. Apparently about recycling. Hm.

The first thing Trista did when she entered the house was decide that Jared is NOT hot. Good.

That evening, we snagged another person from the street to bring into the house: Rose Dai. She liked to go around faking people out...pretending to shake their hand then doing the 'I'm too cool for you' pass of the hand over her hair. Everyone seemed to find it hilarious.

The two guests socializing. Abby managed to make friends with both of them, so she's now one friend ahead for her next promotion.

And finally, Romeo playing the piano in his underwear. There's nothing particularly spectacular about this, he just hasn't done it for a while, and I was glad to see him playing again.

Day 23 = promotion! Woohoo!