8:50 AM

Day 1

Ahhhh, I love the smell of insanity in the morning. The Bonkers Family just loves their new prison, er, home in Strangetown. As soon as I moved them in, they started chatting excitedly on the lawn. Abby, my played sim, seems to like Jack (the man who thinks he's a real-life pirate) right away.

I was lucky and rolled that my played sim would have a knowledge aspiration, which makes it a heck of a lot easier to achieve her LTW than if she'd been anything else. There's plenty of time to study in the nuthouse! I got doubly lucky in that her aspiration is something that's easily achievable within the confines of the Marble Replacement Center: to max out seven skills. No prob, Abby!

So, Abby went inside to start off trying to up her cooking skills while the rest of the lunatics stayed out on the front lawn and played hackey sack and pillow fight. Julie looks like she's trying to kill Janie. Perhaps she wants to be the only cute blond girl in the house and is trying to eliminate her competition. Maybe now we know why Julie got sent here to begin with...

The gamers bum-rushed the bathroom the moment they got done, causing a traffic jam and the potential for a fist fight. While they were busy holding their crotches and waving one another away, Abby was gaining her first skill point. Yay!

Hey, look! Some neighbors came to greet us. Abby greets Jenny Smith, Nervous Subject, and Pollination Tech#9 Smith. I wonder if Jenny and Pollination Tech#9 are married? If so, I feel bad for Jenny.

The guests, with the exception of Jenny, are not very lovely. Nervous Subject, who seems like he should be admitted to the Marble Replacement Center himself, proceeds to pick fights with everyone he comes across. With Julie...

With Jenny...

And with Jared...

Perhaps he just doesn't like J-named people. He's out of luck in this house. Clearly, the effort of telling off all those people has turned Nervous Subject into Nervous Smelly Subject. Jared is clearly more repulsed than threatened. After all, he is the house neatnik.

Way to go, Jared!

As far as houseguests go, Pollination Tech#9 isn't much better than fight-picker Nervous Subject. He engages in creepy voyeur behavior while Janie is in the shower. She doesn't need to be pollinated, you pervert!

Julie cooked some dinner successfully without burning the house down, and the residents plus guests, minus Abby, sat down for a family meal.

Abby was busy boosting herself up another cooking point and another logic point! You're on your way to freedom!

Since the other two house guests had said their formal goodbyes, I was wondering why Pollination Tech#9 was hanging around like he wanted to be the next inductee into the Crazy Club. I soon found out! Good riddance to you, pervy green man. Go home if you want a good night's sleep, and console your wife after all that taunting she endured from Nervous Subject!

With the excitement finally dying down, Abby decides it's time for bed. There is one bedroom in this asylum that doesn't have a traditional door. Instead, it has a secret mystery passage through the bookshelf. It's not a locking door, but it does require a modicum of intelligence to try reading the Mysteriously Mysterious Mystery Book on the shelf. When you pull it out, voila!, it slides you through to the other side of the wall. I wasn't sure if the non-played sims would be able to activate this control or not, but it seems that they aren't. It's a nice way to reserve a bed and bedroom for my sim without breaking the "no locked doors" or "no deleted doors" rule. Abby settles in for a peaceful night's sleep.

Everyone else stays up and entertains themselves!

Jin doesn't appreciate Elektra's attempts to tickle him. He's way too professional for all that, obviously.

And Janie doesn't appreciate her efforts to play them all a jaunty tune. I'm sure all the men appreciated her lack of modesty, though.

Jack caused an overflow in the only toilet. Way to go, buddy. Either that, or he was so sleepy, his aim was way off. Fortunately, he was decent enough to clean up the mess, though.

Abby, having gotten to bed at a reasonable hour like the sensible sim she is, woke up at the crack of dawn and, refreshed and ready to go, started off watching a cooking program, securing her another cooking point before breakfast time.

Romeo is up bright and early making himself barf on the ElectroDance Sphere. Sexy.

Can't wait to see what Day 2 brings for our Bonkers family...