12:50 PM

Day 7

The one week mark has been hit, and what a day it was! I thought Day 7 would never end, and I'm sure most of my sims did too. The first thing that happened right off the bat was a visit from the Repo Man, since I was totally remiss in paying the bills.

He takes way too much pleasure in his job...

Plus, his aim is way off. It seems like he could barely control that ray gun! Here, he was aiming for the espresso machine. For about a minute, I thought he was taking the bathroom linoleum.

Behold the missing kitchen counter.

The visit seemed one straw too many on the camel-y backs of my poor, stressed out crazy sims, and all of them who were awake promptly had a nervous breakdown. Who would have thought they loved the espresso machine and counter top that much? But voila mass hysteria:

Jin has joined Jack in the certified looney bin, only he thinks he's a monkey instead of a chicken. Fun!

Poor Jared, who seems to be a bit of a delicate flower, emotionally, finally lost his crackers. I love how in this photo, Janie is pointing out to Jamie that he's gone nutso, and Jamie seems to be pleased by the news, judging by the little green plus sign over her head.

Further proof he's crazy: he's eating spoiled food and continues to do so despite repeated gagging. Hey Jared, here's a tip: STOP EATING SMELLY FOOD!

I decided to go ahead and spring for the cost of a replacement espresso machine since they all seemed so utterly devastated by its disappearance. (Literally, they all stood around at one point with espresso machine bubbles over their heads like, "HEY! Where'd the espresso machine go?" "Wasn't it here a minute ago?" "I swear I saw it here last night!" "Now where will I get a hot cup of joe?") I didn't bother replacing the counter top because we have plenty.

Once everyone calmed down, they reverted to "normal" behavior. As normal as it gets, anyway. More best friends were made:

As soon as Janie and Jin made best friends, I couldn't help but notice that, amazingly enough, she went platinum:

I suspect she's my popularity sim. Maybe she has some sort of LTW to have like 50 best friends or something. She certainly works hard at it; I'll give her that much.

In the meantime, more skills were built, of course.

Abby's body point wasn't at a small cost, though. She joined Romeo in the Weak Tummy Club. Meanwhile, potential romance guy Jared looks on in the background. Mmm, sexy.

She decided to try a safer workout method:

And when she'd worked out enough, why not take a peek through the telescope? I have to admit, I'm kind of hoping she'll get abducted by aliens if she looks through that thing enough. At least we're managing to meet aspirations by getting points, though. A happy sim is a productive sim.

Speaking of meeting aspirations, poor Jared is being driven insane by the lack of fundage in this place. No one told him this wasn't the right spot for fortune sims.

Finally, he gave up and took a much-needed nap. I swear, that kid can sleep anywhere!

Day 8 will hopefully bring a day that is free of the Repo Man and other things that make sims dance like monkeys and do that raspberry thing with their index finger and lips.