7:16 AM

Day 6

Day six seemed to be the day for making family friends. It seems that my sims have realized they're not getting out, so they might as well make due with the people they've got.

Fortunately, Romeo and Julie were able to make friends even though Jared slapped her silly shortly after the bonding moment. Those two kids REALLY don't get along. It's hardly a normal day in the asylum unless both of them make the other cry at least once.

Weirdly enough, Abby made a new friend too: Talin Deppiesse. It was love at first sight when he happened upon Abby in her undies, recycling the paper:

They played hackey sack for a while, he gave her a big screen tv, and then they made out while saying goodbye. All-in-all, a very bizarre interaction. I mean, come on, Abby, I know he's a two lightning-bolt guy and gave you a plasma tv, but do you have to throw yourself at him!?

Back inside the asylum, things aren't going so well for Jack. The Center couldn't replace his marbles fast enough to compensate for how quickly he was losing them. He had a full-scale breakdown, complete with cuckoo sounds, some drooling, and a really bad chicken impression:

He did still manage to get a body skill point, though, proving that insanity doesn't have to put a cramp in your active lifestyle.

Jared, Jin, and Abby had pretty good skill building days as well. I swear, I've never seen a sim clean as much as Jared. OCD much?

After a busy day of cleaning, working out, and making new friends, Jared collapsed onto the couch for a nap. I had to document it because it is the very first time any of my sims used the couch as a place to sleep since I started the game. Finally, one of them was smart enough to figure out that you don't need a bed to boost your energy! They're a little slow on the uptake.

Thus concludes the excitement of Day 6. Stay tuned for Day 7, when Abby pays the bills and more people act like looney tunes!