3:57 PM

Day 18

Day 18 started off bright and early with Abby getting some sugar from Jared.

She figured she had just enough time to squeeze in a body skill point as well before she had to head off to work. Not only that, but she looks totally hot in her workout clothes.

After Abby'd gone, both Elektra and Jack had meltdowns over their aspirations, which happen to be the same: pleasure. I'm guessing that this house must be especially bad for pleasure sims since these two seem to fare the worst.

When I saw Jack shaking hands with a non-existent person, I thought it was just a funny quirk, but now I think I've realized what's happening here: invisible shrink!

Man, that invisible shrink is good!

I've never been able to really catch this well, but Romeo is fond of telling dirty jokes. To everyone. All the time.

They fall flat more often than not.

Ew, boys.

All day long, Jason kept stalking up and down their sidewalk, I suppose waiting for someone to invite him in so he could have a rematch with Julie.

I don't think it would be wise, though, since she just maxed out her body skill points.

Other skill points were gained...

And Abby came home with a promotion! Since we'd already paid the bills and had a little extra money to throw around now, I decided to give the MRC (Marble Replacement Center) residents some wallpaper to brighten the place up a bit. Cheap wallpaper, though, because those grocery bills...ouch.

She wanted to do this, so I let her. You can see a bit of the new wallpaper in the background.

Oh, I added some lights too, inside and out. I can't tell if Jack and Janie are confused at the magical appearance of new lights or if they just have some moral objection to exterior lighting solutions.

Bright and early the next morning, Abby goes off to work in her new ride.

If I can get her two cleaning points and polish up her friendship with Jack so she has another friend, I'm hoping she'll get promoted on Day 19. Cross your fingers!