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Day 24

When we last left the MRC sims, they were trying to recover from the devastating fire that caused them to lose two members of the asylum. Abby went off to work, exhausted, and Jamie was passed out on the kitchen floor. Most of the day was spent trying to get their levels back into the green.

Jamie woke up and didn't have time to make it to the bathroom. Janie will be very displeased when she stops juggling.

Abby got home, and though she has a bit of money, she looks sad.

I immediately set her to cleaning, even though she was really tired already. The poor environment score was killing everyone in the house, so she had to take one for the team.

Of course, as we've noticed before, when it rains, it pours:

To help keep the environment score up a bit, Abby spent about 95% of their present fundage on a vase for the living area. It's Environment 4, so I hope that this will at least prevent the environment score from going through the toilet if someone leaves an espresso cup on the floor.

I sent Abby to bed, and after a while, who should appear but ghostly Jin! I think it's sad he went to the place where he died and started crying. :'(

He floated over to where Jamie was relaxing in bed and cheered her for some reason. She must have been reading something engrossing because she didn't notice him.

Giving up, he went over to Abby's room. Abby must have sensed his ghostly presence and woke up just in time for a good haunting.

Being a knowledge sim, she thought it was, like, totally rad that she saw a ghost!!!11!one

He scared Jared next, and frankly, if I saw a ghost face lunging out of the face of one of my roommates, I'd be scared shitless too. My theory is that Jin is haunting Abby and Jared because Abby failed to save him and Jared started the fire to begin with.

Jared does not think the ghosts are as cool as Abby does.

Jin floated around all night, and at one point, he dove into Romeo's urn! I thought perhaps he was going to get reinforcements, but he must have just been paying a visit, as he came out a few moments later sans additional ghosts.

Okay, Jin, this is starting to get old.

Freakout in 3...2...1...


Oh, come ON. You have GOT to be kidding me.

Because the asylum hasn't suffered QUITE ENOUGH yet, Julie gets scared literally to death. This must be like Final Destination. Julie started to burn, but Abby put out the fire in time to save her. YOU CAN'T RUN FROM DESTINY, JULIE. Jack cries over the loss.

While Jared cleans! The environment score just tanks with a dead body lying around.

I tried desperately to get Abby to wake up fast enough to plead for Julie's life, but she was too late. :(

Jack: *thinks* Death sucks.

Jared: *thinks* Death sucks. MMM, SPAGHETTI!

Jack was so preoccupied with thoughts of death, he broke the tub while taking a bath.

That's right, boys, the best way to get over loss is to work through it with a friend.

Jared takes a moment to think ill of the dead. Julie would have wanted it that way.

Abby made the remaining residents some comfort food.

And wished she could bring Julie back. Sorry, Abby, but career rewards are a no-no.

R.I.P. Julie. I place you near the ElectroDance Sphere since it was your favorite thing ever to do in the whole world.

Stay tuned for Day 25, when hopefully, NO ONE DIES. -.-


Liz said...

Oh noes!!! Jared is going to have to get his kicks from cleaning now. RIP Julie