2:08 PM

Day 4

Day four in the asylum brought a lot fewer tears than day three, and Abby worked on her relationships. For some reason, Nervous Subject (who apparently hates everyone but Abby) called her, and they talked for a bit to not much point. She and Jack seem to hit it off quite well, though, as you can see from her relationship panel. They've barely talked more than she and anyone else. They must just be compatible.

Luckily for me, Julie and Jared continued to fight like cats and dogs. I was glad to be able to document it since my Day 3 pictures were lost. Julie ALWAYS picks the fights. I don't know what her problem is! Clearly, she was put in the asylum for anger management issues.

Abby tried to make it up to Jared by flirting with him, but it didn't go so well. When she made a jumping leap into his arms, he dropped her and didn't even offer to rub her arse after she landed so roughly!

Since Jared was so insensitive to her feminine needs, Abby decided to go do some manly work around the house. She doesn't need no guy to do her work! She's tough! She can make it on her own. At least, that seems to be what she's trying to prove. Luckily, she gained two skill points in the process...

And why not pick up a body skill point in the meantime?

While Abby was busy being spurned by Jared, Romeo and Jack were bonding over Elektra's poor piano-playing skills:

The housemates are doing amazingly at building their skill points. I never would have thought they'd have been this enterprising all on their own. Not that I'm complaining...

By the end of the day, the house had run out of food. I wouldn't have realized except Elektra and Julie were both apparently starving to death. SIGH. FINE. Guess I'll wake Abby up to order a delivery from the grocer. At least she still hasn't had to get a job yet. We're holding out as long as possible on that unpleasant task.

Day 5 is sure to bring even more excitement. I can hardly wait!