3:10 PM

Day 9

It's Day 9 in the Marble Replacement Center, and I've got to admit, I'm starting to get pretty darn fond of my sims, in all their insane glory. They had a pretty grand day, and even made two new friends! They are Shelby Barrett and Sarah McCarthy.

Neither Shelby nor Sarah gave Abby anything for the trouble she went to befriending them (darn, and I was hoping for another flat screen tv!), but they did make for an interesting addition to the house for a while.

Sarah scared me to death jumping right onto the ELectroDance Sphere. I thought for certain she'd have a heart attack or break a bone, but she seemed to fare pretty well! She must maintain an active lifestyle for an elder.

And she either has lots of dough or is simply generous. Either way, I'm not complaining!

Julie and Jared must have felt they should entertain their guest, so they did what they do best. Shelby seems entertained as well, and the housemates never get tired of watching the two of them beat the snot out of one another!

Afterward, Sarah consoled Jared. I'm not going to speculate on her intentions.

Romeo had another interesting day. He now seems to have forgotten how to use a shower. After crying helplessly in front of the empty and functioning shower stall, he proceeded to go to bed smelly. The stench must have woken him up with nightmares because it was a fitful sleep.

Abby was superwoman again, fixing the tub so that the roomies don't asphyxiate themselves with B.O. At least this time, everyone didn't stand around watching her. Jin actually helped clean up!

Of course, we added to the household skill set...

And regretfully, Abby finally had to go off to work. She got a job as a campaign worker, mostly because it was the job that paid the most in the paper that day, and we need some quick money.

And there she goes...

Here's hoping the housemates don't burn the asylum down while she's gone.