2:07 PM

Day 8

Mercifully, Day 8 was pretty uneventful. My lovely little sims built some skills and mostly stayed out of trouble. Of course, Julie and Jared had a fight, but what else is new? Mostly, they stayed content and quiet, working on getting good at stuff.

Romeo, interestingly enough, seemed to forget how to use the restroom. Note how he holds himself while the bathroom is completely unoccupied, then proceeds to have an accident on the floor a foot in front of the (unclogged, unoccupied, perfectly functional) toilet. It should be noted that he didn't even clean up his own mess. Gross, slob.

Abby played the piano...sorta...while Julie kicked major butt on the ElectroDance Sphere.

The only interesting thing of note besides Romeo's bladder issues was that I attempted something I read was a legal cheat. I read somewhere that if you order groceries, then never answer the door when the delivery person arrives, they will sit down the basket of groceries and not charge you. NOT SO, my friends! I locked the front door so no one could greet the delivery woman, and she did, indeed, leave the basket, but she absolutely charged the household full price. From me to you; it don't work.

Since the grocery delivery fee only left the household with about $45, I think Abby is finally going to have to bite the bullet and get a job on Day 9. However, I will note that when a sim plays piano well and gets tips, the funds are added to the household total. They are NOT subtracted from the total when a non-played sim donates to the tip jar. Just food for thought on potential ways to earn money.

On a random side note, I wish that I could have a money tree. :( It's such a simple way to have just enough income to survive.