1:05 PM

Day 2

Day two dawned, and Abby started off with a very unpleasant task. Apparently, Jack cleaned up the spillage but didn't bother unclogging the toilet. Before THAT situation could get out of hand, Abby decided to take matters into her own hands and fix it. Gross. But don't worry, she took a shower before she made breakfast.

After breakfast, she sat down for a little boob tube watching, The Yummy Channel. Mmmm. There's nothing better than getting multiple people watching The Yummy Channel at once because all three of them learn and talk simultaneously. It's a great way to get your non-played sims some cooking skill and to keep social levels high while you learn. Remember: Only the Yummy Channel can prevent asylum fires.

And why not do a little stargazing...

Meanwhile, let's check in with the rest of the housemates throughout the day. Oh, gee! Look! Jared is cleaning. Big surprise. Thanks, Jared!

This was a great day for Julie, who managed to accomplish more than anyone else in the house, including Abby! Not only did she get buff using the ElectroDance Sphere, but then she managed to pick up a logic skill and bring $500 into the household for discovering a new star. You are the MVP for the day, Julie, because now Abby won't have to get a job quite yet.

Janie only managed to perplex Jared by playing in the shower instead of bathing there. Someone really out to tell her that this real estate is a little too valuable for doing the watusi.

These people sure love their pillow fights. I cannot ignore the slight homoeroticism about this particular one, even with scantily clad Elektra in the background. Nice undies, gays, I mean, guys!

Jin threatens Elektra, telling her she'll be sleeping with the fishies for tickling him the other day. She cries in terror.

I was just kidding about the threatening Elektra part, but creepy! Now he's standing over her bed while she sleeps! Watch out, Elektra!

Will Jin kill Elektra? Has Janie been committed for being addicted to fifties dance crazes? We'll find out...


Mrpointyhorns said...

What expansion gives you unknown stars!

SK said...

Ooohhh, um...I'm really not sure! I installed all of them together, so I never learned which features came with which expansion packs. My best guess would be seasons?