2:37 PM

Day 19

Holy cow! I only took 7 pictures all of day 19 because it was so incredibly boring. Also, I think I was trying to exhibit a little bit of economy with the pics since the last two days I had over 20 pictures. Oops. Well, enjoy these seven somewhat random snapshots of MRC Day 19.

The household made a new friend. Her name is something like Varsha Toynoy, but I forgot to look, and besides, I don't think she'll be coming back. She kept pointing at people's shirts like there was something there, then tweaking them in the nose. It was universally despised.

Abby needed two more cleaning skill points and another family friend to get promoted, so she worked on befriending Janie. I figured that would help Janie's aspiration points go up too, and I admit to having a fondness for her and wanting to see her happy. She's been crying a bit lately, which is why I keep trying to invite people into the house...so she can continue to make more friends and be popular. Maybe this will help too.

Again, nothing to clean, so she's got to do some book learnin'.

And this was recreation. :)

Romeo gained another body skill point, though I have to argue the "looking good" part. He actually looks in danger to me.

Elektra gained a cooking skill point.

In conclusion, nothing's happening in this photo, I just thought it was incredibly funny to see Romeo the romance sim in his red underwear, in his red bedroom with the red blanket, red carpet, and red wall sash design. Subtle, much?

More pictures for Day 20. That's the goal. More interesting things too.