8:42 AM

Day 16

I can sum up Day 16 in two words: Status Reports. Everyone informed me how they felt about how their time in the asylum has gone so far.

Romeo's alright.

Jared's not having the hottest time, poor guy.

Julie's sad. You might have a better time if you don't pick on Jared all the time.

I didn't realize Elektra was having such a terrible time. She definitely dances with the lampshade on her head a lot, which I guess is a bad sign?

Jin's not having the Best Week Ever.

Abby is awesome! And she got a promotion.

While she was at work, the tub broke AGAIN:

The only good part about it is that it helps keep the cleaning skill points up, since people spend all day mopping up.


Jared gained a body skill point and was amazed when a bubble popped up in the air over his head informing Big Brother a.k.a. me of such.

Julie entertained herself the way she normally does.

And Abby worked on her cleaning skills since she needed two more to get her next promotion. Jared keeps the house pretty clean, so mostly she read a book about it.

The beginning of Elektra's week isn't looking much better than last week.

And Janie stood around making this expression a lot. I'm thinking she's not terribly smart.

Abby gained her two extra cleaning points, so I'm looking forward to seeing if she gets promoted tomorrow. I'd really love to fancy the place up a bit, but the grocery bill for this many people (especially when they constantly serve huge meals and then leave them out to spoil) is killer.


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