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Week 6

Since it's already taken 41 days to get this far, I decided to do the final days of the asylum challenge in week-long updates. Since they did a lot of skilling with not a lot of plot, I figure this will be a faster and more entertaining way to read about the good ole MRC sims. So without further ado, I bring you week 6 in the MRC.

Week 6 started off predictably: with Abby skilling her little tushy off.

Abby studied up while Jared swooned. So cute.

As of day one of week 6, this is where she stands. She wants to reach the top of her career, but in order to do so, she's got to get one more cooking point, two more logic points, two more cleaning points, and earn four more friends. Sheesh! You've got a lot of work to do, young lady, so get cracking!

This picture seems odd to me. Jared, reading the paper? *rubs eyes* Oh wait, he's reading the fitness section and probably the comics. Okay, that jives better.

Check out Elektra being all fitness gal...

That night, Abby started by working on getting her logic skill maxed out. Nighttime is the best time for stargazing, after all.

She added a point of logic to her skill panel while Jared and Janie enjoyed tossing a ball below.

At work the next day, Abby got a good chance card. She seems to be about fifty-fifty for choosing properly on these things, so I was delighted to see that she won $50,000 for a research grant!!

That afternoon when she got home from work, she met Matthew Howe on the sidewalk and invited him in.

She was thinking maybe she could get him up to family friend status, but she and Matthew didn't seem to hit it off so well, so she gave up.

Jack wasn't too pleased with how his week went, but I couldn't help but notice that he didn't have a terrible week! Looks like my decision to get rid of the ghosties was a good one.

Jared and Abby often have dinner together in the living room, but I wasn't sure if I ever documented it before. I think it's cute that it always seems to work out this way.

After dinner, it was back to the telescope, where she gained some more science enthusiasm.

The next day after work, she invited her old friend over (whose name I forget) to rekindle their friendship, but it looks like her friend wants to rekindle more than that! Bystander Gordon Wolosenko enjoys the show. Thank god Jared was otherwise distracted at the time!

Not much happened the rest of the night other than Abby working on building her friendships up. The next day, she continued the trend by inviting a friend home from work.

She thought it couldn't hurt to be on especially good terms with a co-worker, so she contemplated buying Vidcund a gift with part of her bonus from the day before...

He seemed to love it, even though the gift never ended up resulting in a promotion for Abby. :(

As soon as Abby gave Vidcund his gift, she asked him to leave, and unfortunately, since she thinks he's just the cat's pajamas, she OF COURSE had to make out with him when she said goodbye. Jared would be having an even worse week if he knew all the smooching Abby was doing on the front lawn while he was indisposed!

At least only Elektra seems to be having a HORRIBLE week now that the ghosties are gone.

Abby gained enough enthusiasm in science to start looking for UFOs that night.

Her boyfriend wasn't so lucky... Gee, Jared, I wonder how you caught food poisoning... Perhaps you should consider not eating food with green fumes coming from it.

Mhm, that'll teach you.

This week isn't looking to turn out much better for you, little pointy-haired darling.

Everyone else seemed to be doing okay, gaining skill points here and there.

It didn't take long for Jared to feel better, though. I'm sure it felt like ages to him though, making running dashes for the toilet all the time. I mean, just look at the state he left the toilet in!

Jack was doing awesome, though, continuing to skill up.

Even Elektra seems to have skill points on the brain, something that surprised me for a pleasure sim.

Janie randomly got a free big-screen TV from this dude! It couldn't have happened to a nicer person.

Hoorah! Abby maxed out her logic skill points that night! What a happy occurrence!

On Day 6, Abby woke up bright and early and worked on her cooking skill points. Only one more to go, and she's maxed out her cooking ability.

The dishwasher broke again that day, but at least she was off work so she could fix it right away.

Abby noticed that Pascal Curious had lost some interest in being her friend, so she called her old pal Vidcund and invited his whole household over. Greeting him with an inappropriate amount of enthusiasm as Pascal looked on, Abby was happy to have the opportunity to work on these two friendships.

She and Pascal chatted on the lawn for a while.

Oh Abby! D'OH.

They hung out and became friends!

Jack didn't learn his lesson about looking at the Curious house through the telescope in the daytime, though, so Vidcund had to correct him.

That night around midnight, Abby went upstairs to look for UFOs on her telescope, curious if they actually existed. The moon was beautiful that night.

She spotted something shocking through her lens, though. WHAT WAS THAT!?


Seeing a UFO had seemed cool in theory, but now that she was faced with one, Abby couldn't feel anything but sheer terror.

Downstairs, the rest of the household were oblivious as Abby was sucked into the alien ship and whisked off to space.

The housemates were so used to her disappearing to the roof to stargaze that they had no clue she was gone until she spaceship unceremoniously dumped her back down in the street in front of the MRC.

It was a rough landing.

Abby couldn't believe what she'd just experienced. Aliens were real!!

Like most knowledge sims, she was little worse for the wear, in the green despite her ordeal, while the rest of the housemates were in shock and awe at what had just happened.

She immediately rolled the want to meet aliens, even though she'd just spent a lot of time in their company.

She also couldn't wait to get a hug from Jared, whom she'd thought she'd never see again.

It wasn't long, though, before her knowledge sim curiosity got the better of her, and she was upstairs looking for aliens again.

She didn't see them any more that night, though, and the next week filled her with other desires. She'd never forget her abduction, though.


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