12:28 PM

Day 36

Day 36 = not a very good day.

It started off pleasantly! Elektra and Janie got healthy.

Jack, who is shaping up to be a real dog lover, played with Max for a while.

Then Jared got well and immediately got the flu again, while Elektra and Jack completely ignored the fact that Max was demolishing the urn.

Then they both had a good shivering freakout together about their aspiration failure.

Jack spent the rest of the afternoon trying to entertain himself, by blogging about Janie, some mysterious dark-haired woman, and then by playing the piano. Poorly.

Abby came home and played the piano for a while, attempting to build up her creativity points to 7, and while she was playing, Vidcund curious showed up at the front door. Abby used the opportunity to make better friends with him, hoping to get a promotion!

Eventually, Abby sent Vidcund on his way so she could get her cooking skills up to 7/10 too.

In the meantime, Elektra worked hard at getting the flu again.

And then, since they were all bored, they decided to have a See Who Can Be Haunted The Most contest, with the help of Romeo, who I would kill if he weren't dead already. Let's see who wins, shall we? Ready, set, go!

First up is Jared!


You think you can win with two hauntings in one night, Jared? Pfft. Get real. Next up is Janie!


Ohh, very nice effort Janie, but unfortunately, you've been beated out. And now, for the grand prize winner, Jack!




And 5!

Amazing job, Jack. The first place winner gets a Longaberger Basket. Congratulations on not dying. <3

This day was so awful, just watching them get scared over and over, that I leave you with the one utterly sweet snow moment of the night: