11:46 AM

Day 39

There aren't a lot of pictures from Day 39 because the MRC sims were just recovering from all the ghost activity...cleaning the house, showering, eating, sleeping or drinking lots of espresso. You can see the house was in a bit of a state:

They had a nice visitor though:

Alegra> Um, a little help here? No opposable thumbs...

Alegra> I am so money.

Alegra> I don't really care whose urine I'm lying in so long as you'll pet my belly!

Everyone seems to be a little crazy today, though. WTF, Jared? I really think he needs to study anger management.

And equally WTF at you, Abby! Silly, curious knowledge sims...

The rest of the day was pretty uneventful. Thankfully, the ghosts took a break tonight, and the MRC kidlets were able to build some skills. Jared got more logical.

And more enthusiastic about his girlfriend's career.

Elektra mopped. A very essential skill in this place.

And Abby engaged in some nice, relaxing, strengthening yoga.

The days are so peaceful when the ghosts take a holiday. The peace won't last long though...


Liz said...

"The peace won't last long though..."

oh suspense I love it :)