11:00 AM

Day 38

Day 38 was pretty quiet during the daylight hours. Abby's primary activity was to gain creativity points on the piano, so she was parked at the piano bench for most of her day off. Jack cheered her on.

Her skill building this week left her in a really fantastic mood.

Elektra and Jack weren't quite so pleased with how things have been going...

Abby began to have thoughts of her aspiration, so I'm thinking this might be some sort of sign to me that it's time to have her quit her job (after she reaches the top of her field) to work full-time on maxing out those skills. She's doing pretty well, though!

Once nighttime fell, the day stopped being so pleasant. In fact, I have a picture of the very last pleasant, sweet thing that happened on Day 38:

Aw. And after that, things went downhill. Because, you see, it was another two ghost night! *groan*

Abby kept drinking loads of espresso so she could run interference with the ghosties. One of the ways to do this is to keep everyone busy, by, say, making a meal and calling everyone to dinner.

Or by "hanging out" with someone who isn't doing so well. It's unclear in this picture whether it's Jared or Abby who isn't doing so well. (She's already been scared twice at this point while trying to make more espresso to stay awake and keep the rest of the household from getting scared multiple times in a row.)

Apparently, being haunted makes you really hungry, hence the dirty chinese food containers sitting around...we needed a fast fix for hunger.

This next picture tells me two important things: (1)I think the blank thought bubble of hate is actually supposed to be an I H8 GHOSTS bubble. (2)Ghosts have winterwear.


Abby got scared again, and I was really scared of losing her because her needs completely tanked:

I tried to fix her some espresso, but she passed out from exhaustion before I could get any food or drink into her. I think it was better...even ghosts can't rouse a sim from this dead a sleep. Fortunately, everyone else in the house survived the night without Abby around to play defense against the ghosties.

Even the neat-nik sims *cough*Jared*cough* were too exhausted by night's end to clean up.

It was a rough night for the poor MRC sims. I felt bad for them and decided to give Abby the next day off to recover.