10:21 AM

Day 35

It came to my attention via Liz, wonderful author of the Silvervale Prosperity Challenge, that someone didn't turn off aging for their Asylum Challenge. Trust me, you really have to. I think it's even in the rules. I mean, with no career rewards or aspiration rewards allowed, no maid, no gardener, no help of any sort, your sims will most definitely die before they get out of the asylum. Here I am on day 35, and I'd say I'm only maybe 65-70% done. I think my sims would be dead already. Just a little tip from me to you.

Anway, on to day 35!

Jared and Elektra got healthy, but thanks to many more hours spent outside stomping roaches in the cold instead of lying down and getting well, three of them just got sick again.

Sigh. Before she left for work, Abby managed to meet a new four-legged friend, the extremely playful Max.

It was nice she greeted him before going to work because that gave Jack another playmate for the day.

I have no real commentary on this picture because it's bizarre enough all on its own.

Jared pauses his roach stomping in amazement at the sight of Elektra actually wearing her winter clothes. Brava, Elektra, for finally figuring out that winter = cold.

Janie spent so long stomping roaches that she passed out from exhaustion in one of the chairs while watching sports on TV. Don't worry Janie, I sometimes pass out watching sports on the telly too.

Jared mopped up the floor in the bathroom, then took a moment to reflect on his great hatred for thought bubbles:

And finally, Abby decided to treat herself to a bubble bath after she got home and spent about three hours FINALLY eradicating the asylum of roaches. Whew. Job well done, Abby.

With no roaches, I'm hoping the asylum kidlets can get their needs and spirits up again, as a lot of them have been yellow in their little sidebar headshots. We'll see!


Liz said...

I usually spray roaches as soon as I see someone stomping on it. Too bad you can't quarantine the people with the flu... I guess you could call them into a room and lock them in until they're better, lol. I'm glad you're updating again so i don't have to harass you about it :) :)

SK said...

Yeah, I learned my lesson about taking care of roaches ASAP. It sucks because I can't even call an exterminator.

Ha, I admit now that I got those posts out of the way, I'm feeling enthusiastic again.