9:35 AM

Day 32

And now I'm back to being current on my updates, so you get the fresh memory for the next few days.

The boys did some cleaning (mwahahahaaaaa...)

And Elektra worked on getting more buff. I really wish I could peek at some of their skills because they MUST be getting close to maxing them out by now.

Abby brought a friend home from work because she needed one more to get a promotion, and I laughed when I saw it was Vidcund Curious. Thankfully, Romeo isn't here anymore, so Vidcund and he won't get in a fist fight about daytime telescope use. And with any luck at all, Janie will stay out of sight.

After admiring and gossiping Vidcund to friend status (the most effective way to build friendships, I'm telling you: admire, gossip, admire, gossip, admire, gossip), she got down to business fixing the tub.

And then worked on the last logic point she needed to get her promotion the next day.

Task accomplished, she went down to greet Ocelot, a pup that looks like the male version of Cleo. We'll discover some amusing things about Ocelot in the next few days, but for now, he simply seems like a happy pup.

Meanwhile, Jack got buffer:

And Jared sweetly swooned over his honey just before bedtime.

I've stopped screen capping them going insane over and over again, or Jared cleaning, because it's repetitive, so you can just assume for future reference that at least one person goes crazy once a day, and there are at least half a dozen crying fits a day. It's a really cheery place to live. :)