1:10 PM

Week 8

Jack skilled up while Abby attempted to raise her friendship scores. Now that she's getting kind of high up in her career, her social life is requiring a lot of attention, but she REALLY wants to make top of her career track, so we're going to shoot for that.

At work, she managed to get a change card, but it didn't turn out so well. Losing enthusiasm in tinkering isn't as bad as losing a skill point or a job though, so we'll deal.

Then later that night, she practiced her rock piano skillz and gained a creativity point.

Elektra, meanwhile, enjoys the heavenly glow of The Zone while partaking of a protein shake. Perhaps she should share some with Janie...

The next day, Abby spent part of the morning sweet talking some sim on the phone, trying to get to friend status.

When she got home from work, she was struck with a great sense of personal satisfaction that she had earned $100,000 simoleans in her lifetime. I was surprised! Congrats, Abby!

She also immediately called Tiffany (far left) and Rose (far right) to invite them over. Both of them brought friends, so it was like a regular party at the MRC!

Abby participated in the fool proof strategy of gossiping and admiring both Tiffany and Rose while the two old guys ate their food and spun on their ElectroDance sphere.

And all Abby's schmoozing paid off! Their bottom relationship numbers need some work, but Tiffay and Rose are officially family friends now! Abby went to bed satisfied that she had everything she needed for her final promotion the next day.

While Abby was at work the following day, Jack managed to get a body skill point. He's really gotten addicted to the ElectroDance Sphere lately.

And when Abby got home, she was platinum-ed out with delight at having finally reached the top of her career track!

Upon reaching this goal, she promptly quit her job. Being a mad scientist would have been great...but not if she couldn't escape the asylum! She set to work skilling immediately, putting her full attention now to achieving her LTW.

She's starting to get some sweet $100 tips from her housemates, so she must be getting good!

She's got the farthest to go with charisma points because her sim-master (a.k.a. me) hates charisma the most because it's boring. So now she's got a lot of ground to cover with that one. Sorry, Abby.

By early the next morning, she'd gained one of those charisma points. Hoorah, Abby!

Then she had to take a break because the stuff in the MRC breaks ALL THE TIME. Of course, it's helped her gain mechanical points, so it's not THAT bad, but still. Especially that dumb tub...

...and that dumb dish washer...

For being expensive pieces of equipment, they sure aren't very hardy. After being Fix-It Gal, she decided to work on her body points with some relaxing yoga.

And then she treated the house to some chinese food for dinner because it was easier than cooking and fills up the hunger bar quickly. Also, who wants to eat spaghetti and pork chops all the time?

Feeling so accomplished after all she'd done in the last two days, Abby decided it was time for a little recreation and asked Jared on a date.

Since they couldn't really keep their hands off one another, it wasn't surprising to see that Abby wanted her first WooHoo to be with Jared. Sorry, Abby, I'd let you, but your omniscient observer forgot to put any double beds in the house. Hindsight is 20-20.

She was determined that her very first date with Jared would be a Dream Date.

You can't go wrong with making out...

Their date didn't end until the sun was already up, but they had a wonderful time and created a great new memory. :)

Jared snuck outside to leave flowers on the front porch for her after their dream date.

And Abby got back to business, skilling her flower-receiving butt off.

Apparently, what she didn't notice while she was busy working on her charisma was the fact that Elektra didn't cut off her telescope browsing at an appropriate hour. It was no surprise when Vidcund came rushing over to tell her off.


Vidcund> "OH, AND BY THE WAY, YOU'RE UGLY TOO!!! *evil cackle*"

Abby kept skilling. She thought it best not to get involved when she was friends with both Elektra and Vidcund.

That night, some of the other MRC sims decided to skill up too. Jack enjoyed looking through the telescope and earned the household $500. Good job, Jack!

Abby kept drinking espresso so she could stay up and work extra hard, gaining herself yet another charisma point in the morning.

Unfortunately, while she wasn't paying attention, stretched too thin and twitchy from too much caffiene, she lit breakfast on fire and had to put it out.

Despite getting a little smelly, she never lost her platinum aspiration! Guess learning fire safety all those weeks ago really paid off!

Not a sim to be distracted by things like a kitchen fire (knowledge sims are great like that), she got right back on the horse with trying to reach her LTW.

You're almost there, Abby!

Perfect stranger Andrew Seavey called, and he and Abby talked about kissing. A little TMI for brand new friends. Nevertheless, she's still on her friends kick because, hey, she can always use the influence once she gets out and the friends when she eventually gets a new job.

And Jared remains sweetly predictable. :)

Abby kept working on getting buns of steel and building her charisma, trying desperately to max out her skills.

The next day, to reward all of her hard work, the matchmaker woman showed up with a genie lamp for Abby! Hooray! No one could deserve it more.

Abby doesn't really need a lot, so she stood and pondered her options for a bit.

Unfortunately, gym club membership guy came by to distract her. Go away, dude, can't you see she's got a genie here!?

Abby finally decided on money money money! Only I accidentally clicked peace of mind for the third wish instead of cash, so she wasted a wish on permanent platinum aspiration when she was about to achieve that anyway. Oh well. It made gaining the rest of her skill points easier.

Janie and Jared kept up the good work too. It's like a skilling race in the MRC!

That rounds out week 6, and the mad skillz continue to accumulate in week 7, coming right up!