1:09 PM

Week 7

Abby took advantage of the fall skill-building boost to do some book learning. She pretty much has to learn her cleaning skills from a book because Jared always keeps the house so spic and span! Not that she's complaining...

The dishwasher broke yet again. If you ever notice, sims put entire plates of dirty food in the dishwasher without scraping them into the trashcan or garbage disposal, so I suppose it's no wonder the dishwasher breaks so often.

This photo is completely unrelated, I just think this Michelle Tse girl is pretty. She may factor into somesim's life in the future if you keep watching...

Jack totally digs the Yummy Channel. Don't ask me why it took so long for him to learn to melt cheese on elbow macaroni.

Jared swoons as usual at just the sight of his pretty girlfriend. Abby looks pleased.

Janie learned a cooking skill point that night too. I love The Yummy Channel, and I love fall!

The next morning, evil Olive Specter walked by the MRC, wickedly plotting...to graduate college?

Jack decided it was time to try out his newly learned dish, but the physics of melting cheese have escaped him.

The failure sent him directly into aspiration failure. Poor Jack. Abby will make you some mac and cheese.

Shockingly, Abby actually gained a point of mechanical from unclogging the toilet that day! I suppose every tiny little tinkering job she's done around the house has finally glommed together into one whole skill point. I love when that happens.

She tried to keep up the trend by fixing the dishwasher too. Again.

I thought this was totally adorable. She and Jared both sat down next to one another and started writing in their journals.

While Elektra gained a cooking skill point. I hope they're all getting super skilled in the use of the stove so we can avoid more fires!

That night, Abby maxed out her cooking skill, hooray! Now if she ever has children she wants to send to private school, she can really impress the headmaster with her fancy lobster thermidor.

Janie managed to win access to the secret cooking lot, even though she totally burnt...whatever it was these were supposed to be.

The next day, I let Abby take the day off so she could take advantage of the fall learning boost.

She skilled a lot and took some time to work on her relationships. She thinks Pascal Curious is a laugh riot.

Jared was attempting to get familiar with his girlfriend's interests, peeking through the telescope and gaining himself a logic point.

Abby managed to snag herself another cleaning point after hanging up from life of the party Pascal Curious.

That night before going to bed, Abby met a nice doggy with pretty glowing eyes.

Who, LIKE EVERY OTHER DOG, went directly to the most expensive item in the house and began gnawing it!

The dude from Will's Garage stopped by in the middle of the night to give her access to the secret lot, which was nice, but she was asleep in bed at the time, so I can only imagine he left the card next to her head on the pillow.

The next morning bright and early, Abby was up and studying her mechanical, trying to max it out.

It was amazing Abby could get any studying done with all the whooping and hollering Elektra was doing as she gained her final skill point in Body on the ElectroDance Sphere. (Does anyone else absolutely DESPISE all the racket that thing makes!?)

Hey look, lots of skill points!!!

Inspired by Elektra, Abby got her plaque in science that very night.

In fact, she was so "In The Zone" that she completely ignored the crazy-hair looking dude there with her plaque.

Jack managed to snag the last skill point of the night, taking advantage of the fact that Elektra exhausted herself and had to go to bed.

The next day, Abby brought home Vidcund curious from work because she really needed a few more friends for her next promotion. She and Vidcund get along famously, despite the fact that he has physically threatened over half the household for spying on him with the telescope.

He found Janie to be...interesting. I don't think Vidcund exactly understands where he is.

The week ended with Jack gaining another skill point. I'm so proud of my sims this week! They earned loads of points, and there are more to come in the following week...