9:05 AM

Day 31

I took a little hiatus in between playing Day 31 and blogging it, so if I don't remember what these pictures are of, I'll just make something up, k? K.

It's becoming rapidly apparent that Jack is my nature buff in the house, as no matter what's happening outside, he's stupidly delighted about it. Here he is crapping himself because it's raining:

I have to admit, he's kind of adorable though, and the most photogenic of all the MRC Sims.

At some point during the day this random woman came and knocked over the trash. We've never even met her, so I don't know what her beef is.

Janie moured what a terrible week it had been. Given the puddle of urine at her feet, I'm inclined to believe her.

Damn friends require so much effort:

Abby came home from work, not with a promotion, but at least with a positive outlook and some cash.

She immediately greeted Cleo, this random wolfy-looking dog who was running past the house. Cleo apparently thought this meant she was welcome to come inside the house...

...and promptly begin chewing up the most expensive item in the whole house. Abby disciplined her and sent her on her way after this.

It wasn't but a little while later before Abby then rolled the want to see a wolf. I don't even know where she would have to go to do this. Perhaps once she's free of the asylum.

Jack got a point for cleaning a puddle. Whether it was of urine or toilet clog juice or broken tub spray, I have no clue, but knowing me, I'd guess broken tub spray since it's such a good way to inflate the housemates' cleaning skills. :)

The bad reviews of the week kept rolling in...

The housemates tried to make the best of it though. Some of them worked on their skills.

And some made the best of what they had.

Janie> *GLUG GLUG*


Jack> "GOTCHA!"

He is so cute and photogenic. Unfortunately, their good time didn't last too long. First Jin decided he was in the mood for a haunt.

And then Jamie had to get hers in too, though if she was going for horror, she should have picked someone other than Abby.

Will the housemates have a better week? Will Romeo ever appear, or do Jamie and Jin have the monopoly on hauntings? Will Cleo eat them out of house and home? Stick around.