12:13 PM

Day 40

Refreshed from her day off, Abby went into work the next morning as usual. As soon as she'd headed off, evil Olive Specter came by, wringing her hands together wickedly.

I thought for sure she was back to knock over our trashcan again, but instead, she stole the newspaper. Fortunately for her, she was able to make it invisible so no one could see what she was doing. I took the liberty of drawing in the missing newspaper.

Elektra gained body skill points and enthusiasm in fitness. Good girl!

Abby got a good chance card. They seem rare to me, but maybe it's just my perception. Also, haha, AWXYMRAWN.

Aw, she looks so happy. :')

This is the scary-looking dude she brought home from work. I forget his name, but he's like a blonde Satan. They played a little Punch U-Punch Me.

And then she spent some of her promotion money on a statue to give him as a gift, hoping to butter the wheels for another promotion.

Sending him on his way with his pressie, Abby went back to her household duties, fixing the dishwasher.

Then she sat down for some conversation with Jack.

Abby> Do you think we'll have ghosts tonight?

Abby should have known better anyway. It's hardly a night at the asylum without a good two-ghost haunting.

Abby comes up with a potential solution for the problem. "Eureka! We should make out!" I like to think this is her Eat, Drink, and Be Merry for Tomorrow We Die suggestion.

That's my girl. Always looking on the bright side.