1:40 PM

Day 37

Day 37 was blessedly uneventful in the Marble Replacement Center. It was Abby's day off, and as she got the flu AGAIN, she decided to do calm skill building activities all day.

She played while poor, traumatized Jack napped in his chair.

Jared got healthy, finally, through absolutely no effort of my own. Way to take care of yourself, Jared.

A perfect stranger called Jack. I have no idea who this man is.

Abby gained two total creativity points today, bringing her total skill points in that area to 7/10, and she gained access to the secret lot for Music and Arts!

Abby's day at the piano seemed to remind everyone else in the house that it existed, and Elektra took her turn, gaining two creativity points in the process. Yay, Elektra!

She also shook off that nasty flu and promptly took her healthy tush outside to build a late-season snowman.

Jack decided that they needed twin guardian snowmen at their front door, but sadly, he never finished his snowman because he broke down into a crying fit before adding eyes, arms, and clothes.

Poor Jared didn't even have one full day of health, as he was stricken with the flu again that night.
One final bit of luck was that just as Abby got into the car to head off to work the next morning, she recovered. Whew!

Slowly but surely, Abby is building up her skills! She has NO charisma points right now, so I really need to work on that. It's the most boring one! At least she's still bringing in decent money...