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Abby's diligence not only served the Marble Replacement Center sims well during their time there, but it also freed them of their bonds, opening the door of the asylum to a great big world there for the taking. Before the sims left the asylum, though, they knew there was one thing they still had to do, and only Abby could manage it: resurrect their long-lost friends.

Acquiring a Ressurect-O-Nomitron from the black market, Abby nervously set to work. Her first attempt was Jin.

To Abby's shock and amazement, it actually worked! Jin immediately (and understandably) needed the services of a shrink, and it was to everyone's shock that HE ACTUALLY APPEARED! The invisible shrink became visible! This was truly a day filled with miracles.

Next up was Romeo. He seemed to take ressurection in stride.

As did Jamie, who merely jumped up and down in celebration for her restored life.

Abby knew she'd done right. Finally, the old asylum was back together again, and looking forward to a brand new life outside the confines of the MRC.

All of the sims, including Abby, felt like the great big world was a little scary, even though they were excited about the possibilities that awaited them. They all decided to settle in Strangetown, where they had friends and neighbors they felt they could count on to help them out should they struggle adjusting to a more "normal" lifestyle.

Janie Parker moved into a small starter home next to the Grunt family, hoping to make some friends and achieve her goal of becoming a general.

Her house isn't much to look at, she knows, but it's a beginning.

She WAS very happy that she inherited the asylum bathtub, since she enjoyed playing in it so much during her time there...

Janie also realized that her somewhat wild appearance might not make the best impression when she tried to get a job in the military, so she toned down her makeup and hair, though she never wanted to get rid of her habit of dressing in her favorite color.

Romeo Rossi and Jin Hakura decided to get a bachelor pad together, hoping that their aspirations of romance and fortune, consecutively, might make for a decent companionship in their living arrangement. Also, having shared the experience of resurrection, they thought they might have a strong bond that could help them get along as roommates while they try to work their way up in the world.

Romeo had gained a lot of skills before he was killed in the unfortunate kitchen fire at the asylum, but when he was resurrected, he maintained them!

Romeo has the LTW to have 20 Simultaneous Lovers. Good luck with that, Romeo!

Jin also had a few skills from before his untimely death.

His LTW is to become a Chief of Staff.

Their bachelor pad is small but efficient.

Next in line were Elektra Washington and Jack Sparrow. Elektra and Jack both suffered terrible aspiration failure in the asylum, both being pleasure sims. With Elektra's hope to be a celebrity chef and Jack's hope to be a professional party guest, they knew immediately that they would be the perfect roommates. Elektra could cook and Jack could host parties. They pooled their money and bought a fantastic house they know they can turn into THE place to be and be seen in Strangetown.

The house has a high-tech kitchen for Elektra...

...a souped-up living room for partying...

...and bathrooms that can accommodate the many people they plan on having!

The upstairs is very simple because they poured all their money into the downstairs.

Jamie Page, who never really got along with anyone and was always picking fights, decided that she wanted to live alone. She bought a pretty little loft with high hopes for starting a family, as she discovered post-resurrection that she was a family sim.

Ignore the legs in Julie's bed...she's already begun to work on her LTW.

Last but not least are the lovebirds Abby Johnson and Jared Lukas. Due to an unforseeable error (I was dumb and didn't notice fraps wasn't on), their marriage is undocumented, but they moved in together in a beautiful house across the street from the Curious family. With all of Abby's wealth, they were able to afford a beautiful homestead (and fulfill one of fortune-sim Jared's wants of marrying a rich sim)!

And Abby finally got that wish from so long ago... she and Jared celebrated with their very first woohoo.

And they all lived happily ever after...probably...