9:55 AM

Day 34

Day 34 brought a first for me: Sim Snow! The reaction from the housemates was largely positive.

Not universally, though...

And as soon as Jared went outside, I understood why he doesn't like winter. Just look at that preppy winter outfit!!

Note the trash in the background from the kicked-over trash can.

Janie's outfit looks more like a raincoat and boots than anything for wintertime, but I think it suits her. That look on her face is because of the stinky trash still lying on the sidewalk.

Remember our old pal, Ocelot? Guess what? He's not so friendly after all!

Jack went outside originally to start stomping on roaches, which have now infested the outside of the asylum house thanks to the trash that didn't get picked up.

And in addition to roaches, the flu swept the MRC!

Jared's sounds more like pneumonia or bronchitis, with the way he hacks and coughs.

Within the course of one day, we had a full set of sickos.

The flu didn't stop Jack from making friends with and playing with Ocelot, though.

Or Abby from making a snow angel...

Or the rest of these retards on ice going out without jackets, apparently!

What are they doing, you ask? Why, other than Janie, who is making a lovely snowman, they are stomping on roaches! FOR HOURS AT A TIME. When Elektra was done, this is what she looked like:

Janie only got a little blue, but she did manage to make a stellar snowman.

Abby was the only one with enough sense to change when she went outside. Check out her stylish winter duds!

Since everyone in the house was sick, Abby decided to make some comfort food and baked a turkey. After eating, a bath, and going to bed, she and a few of the others managed to get well.

Will Jared and Elektra ever recover? Will they take care of their awful roach problem? We'll find out on Day 35...