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Page - Round 1

The Pages Are:

Julie Page, Adult Family Sim, LTW Reach Golden Anniversary

As you may have noticed, Julie's LTW is to reach her golden anniversary. But before she could have an anniversary, she needed a boyfriend who would quickly become a husband. Since she didn't have time to screw around, she paid the gypsy matchmaker the cool five thousand simoleons. Her first match was a little old for her tastes, but the second time, the gypsy got it just right. This is Juan Reamon. He really has no choice about marrying Julie. She's very hard-headed when her mind is made up.

As you can see, he wants to marry Julie but also fears it. Juan, you're smarter than I gave you credit for.

I gotta tell you, though, what Julie wants, Julie gets.

And right now, you're what Julie wants.

She started off small, asking him to move in. Once he said yes, it was trifling to get the rest.

What man could resist accepting a proposal from a woman in her underwear? Juan said yes, happily.

Though it seems he never got rid of that nagging worry.

Juan happily came both employed and with some bronze talent badges. Not bad, friend.

Chance card!

Darn. You're going to need that science enthusiasm, Juan!

Man, nothing is safe from that fall lightning, is it?

Julie couldn't stand to see that much money going up in flames. Good job, girly.

The slightly improved front of the house with a giant tree added.

Juan needed some creativity points, so I bought him a violin. I've never seen sims play these before. Pretty cute.

When he was done working on his creativity, I gave him a makeover. He looks half-decent now that that awful jawline is covered up.

Juan's welcome home surprise. Is anyone else ever worried this will blow over to the house? I do. I do with burning leaf piles too.

Uh oh...


Yes, it's true, Julie is preggers. Good job being fertile, sweetie.

I'm glad you feel that way, honey, because there's not much to be done about it now.

Juan's LTW is to become Captain Hero. He quit his business job to join the police force and is going well. So far, so good!


Julie had to entertain herself somehow, so she worked on making toys for the upcoming baby.

Juan gets another promotion, yay!

That can't be good.


And baby makes three!

Aww, I love this shot in the cinematic. He's got his mama's skin tone and his daddy's eye color. Doesn't look like Juan's hair color, though, so I'm not sure where he got that.

Juan> "Yay, a baby!"

Meet Eleanor Page, first child of Juan and Julie Page. She sure looks like a cutie.

Stay tuned for Janie in her little bachelorette pad down the road.


Wow, you really aren't a brainiac, are you, Juan?

Gross? No shit!?


Liz said...

::giggle:: I think Juan needs to check into the asylum for a bit. Isn't it a bit strange that a family sim has a negative engagement memory? Julie is a one tough beyotch... I guess I'd be a little intimidated too.

SK said...

I know, I thought that was really weird! I'm not sure why he ever had that fear, but he had a positive memory of the marriage, so...

They actually get along quite well. This is a cute little house; you'll see more next round since I've already played SO MUCH of it.